How to import a bunch of objects?

Hi all
I have a problem.

I modeled in 3ds several furniture objects

I want to import them exactly where I modeled and positioned inside my scene, leaving intact their coordinates.

I exported the entire scene using the FBX exporter

I imported the file inside UE4 unselecting “combine objects”

How to put (import) all these object inside my empty scene without drag and drop respecting the original coordinates?


go back into , then for each object/mesh set the pivot point to 0,0,0 then export again

Set their positions to 0,0,0 and export them together, when you import don’t use Combine Meshes because they need to be separate objects in the content browser.

Then use this script: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?1148-3ds--Object-Placement-Scripts
They are scripts that allow you to copy the positions of where you place the objects in 3ds and then when you go back to UE4 you can use Paste and it will take the objects from the content browser and place them at the positions you had them in 3ds .
There’s 2 scripts there, one for objects that are only used once in your level, and then one that you would use for instanced objects.

I was able to reset the origin of all selected objects setting in UE4 0,0,0 (holding all selected objects)
At this point all objects axis have 0,0,0 coordinates and If I want to rotate just one object it rotates around the origin. No matter if I select world or local.
Does exist a command to reset all pivots or maintain the original pivots?


thank you!

unfortunately all the objects in my scene are unique and few of them are instanced.

the second huge problem is the 2nd missing UV channel for UE lightmap…In UE4 i get “overlapping uv…etc.” error.

surfing on the forum I found that I need to unpack uv channels, save and duplicate them on a second uv channel for each object…OMG…

If they’re all unique that’s fine, there’s a script for those types of objects.

For lightmap UV, you can do that in --Unwrap UVW modifier and then switch to the second UV channel and then use Flatten mapping to automatically flatten the UV’s—Ideally you would do it by hand and get better results, but if you don’t want to then you can do it that way. In UE4 you can also generate lightmap UV’s by opening the static mesh, but again it doesn’t give as good of a result as doing it by hand.

  1. Select all objects in your scene in 3ds (ctrl+a)
  2. Add Unwrap UVW modificator
  3. Find channel tab
  4. Change Map channel from 1 to 2 (Move)
  5. Select all uv shells(ctrl+a inside uv screeen)
  6. Press Pack

It will do basic work

Hi Gabrielefx,

In another thread towards the bottom I’ve detailed a number of tutorials that will get your started on Lightmapping and its importance.


These will get you going on lightmapping.

Thank you!

No, that’s a terrible way of doing it

Why? He already have unwrapped models, but some stuff is overlapping, he need only to place it correctly in second uv channel

Take a look at this video from 3d motive, then you will know how to create a 2nd uv channel for the lightmap: ?v=BY-nKxyHKRc

If any of it is overlapping then packing it together isn’t going to fix it. Sometimes the UV’s that you are using for your textures will work just fine for Lightmaps, if so then you don’t need a second UV channel (and can save memory by not using it). I think UE4 will default to the first UV channel for lightmaps if you don’t have a second channel.
Otherwise if you haven’t specifically setup your UV’s right then they will not be in any state that will work with lightmaps and packing them won’t help in any way.

It depends. I assume he is using same uv space for mirrored objects or had 10 identical objects in one mesh, which share same uv space. It is counts as overlapping problem for lightmap and my advice fix it fast enough - places uv shells separately. If packaging doesn’t help - it’s means uv shells are incorrect and have overlaps where should not have.

Hi ,

While I wouldn’t immediately discount your method as “wrong.” It is a quick and dirty way to get the meshes a second uv and have them packed down. However, you would be wise to go back and check the UV islands and organize them. The problem with packing the UVs also is that some pieces will be scaled super small to not allow a good lightmap to be produced without significantly scaling up the lightmap resolution in UE4. It’s good practice to manually set up all lightmaps that are going to be used. This will allow you to have the most control over your model and to get the most out of the static lighting for it.

Hello, !
I mentioned “Basic work”. Of course it always better if you manually setup uv shells with appropriate scale :slight_smile: But…
Gabrielefx mentioned he had instanced meshes in 3dsMax scene and they were collapsed to single fbx. It means he have different meshes with unique uv shells, which located in exactly same spot in uv space.

That’s not the issue–if you haven’t specifically checked things then you could have UV islands that overlap themselves, if you pack them then they will still overlap themselves and it doesn’t fix anything.

Big pictures incoming:

If you pack them

Of course you should rescale and rearrange uv shells to make them Lightmap-efficient, but I hope you understand what I was talking about

Yeah, but that’s the case that your UV’s are already flattened, just that the islands are overlapping. If you haven’t created your UV’s, like you started with a box and did some modeling then you would end up with a tangled mess in your UV’s which means you’d have to go and fix them, packing them wouldn’t fix that issue.

Well, I call it “unwrapped”, not “flattened”.
I assumed Gabrielefx already unwrappred his models because he is talking about 2nd uv channel

and I noticed

which means instanced meshes are overlapping for sure.
Of course if they are not unwrapped first advice is unwrap them >.>

Instancing has nothing to do with overlapping UV’s. Each single static mesh in the scene has its own lightmap regardless of whether it’s an instance or unique.