How to implement PAWN root motion

I found out that root motion feature works only with character class - because of the character movement component.
I’d like to use root motion in my pawn classes, because:

  1. I have already written a big part of my character’s logic as a pawn inheriting class, and I don’t want to rewrite it.
  2. I don’t want to use character class, because it collides with my movement logics.

I’m pretty sure someone did it actually, but I couldn’t google it though.
Any tips on how I can implement root motion myself? Documentation is really poor unfortunately.

Did anyone solve this problems? Need help!

well, it looks like all of the code that handles root motion is in the CharacterMovementComponent. So, your choices include … inheriting from CMC, or moving the code from CMC to MC. Or writing your own root motion handling.

Probably easiest would be to use CharacterMovementComponent, set it’s default movement mode to a custom mode, and implement your movement as a custom mode. However, that would require a Character.

Has anyone ever managed to solve this absurd problem?