How to implement drag and drop reordering in SListView?

I’m working on an engine component right now, and a feature I want to add is drag and drop reordering of items in a list. I know that the tree view does this, but I can’t think of any example in the editor where a list view does this.

Can anyone point to an example of the editor doing this? Or some tips on how to do it?

I’ll be implementing the drag interface on my row items, but the complications are fairly many:

  1. Need to show a “line” where the dropped item would be inserted.
  2. Need to remove the item from the list when it’s being dragged.
  3. Need to put it back in it’s place if the user drops outside of the list (aborts)

Probably some more I haven’t thought of. I don’t see anything on SListView explicitly supporting this kind of behaviour.

Hi, I want to do the same thing. Did you find how ?