How to implement a stained glass window

Hey guys, my experience background makes me pretty new to the rendering side of things. What I was looking for was trying to put stained glass windows with vibrant colors into my game. See the picture below for an example. What I was thinking was a simple plane mesh and applying the texture which is something like the picture. But what I want is it to be very bright and just very slightly transparent. Any ideas on how I could achieve this look? Note that this picture comes from a first person shooter from about 20 years ago and I would like to know what a present day method would be to do something like this.


Take a look at those threads :slight_smile:

Ah, Hexen i see :wink:

You could make a translucent material if opacity is important to you, here is an example, note the cubes behind the glass:

here is a quick schedule how i assembled it:

If you dont need the translucency you can just fake it by creating a standard opaque material that has the texture in the emissive slot, use a multiply node to bighten or dim the amount of light that it is emitting to suit the brightness of your scene.

Feeding color map into Emissive Color in the material and bloom from camera will make it glow brightly,

Of course to get transparency you can plug something into opacity on the material, however I’d probably make a proper texture for it to change the effect whether it’s glass or the connecting edges / frames.

Then the final critical element of light piercing glass, and one of the most important is refraction. Also on material IIRC but I haven’t used it in UE4.

Thank you for all of the responses!!! This is awesome. I saw the threads that fighter sent my way (thanks for digging for me) and also the direct application from MissStabby which I really like. (Soooo bright)

I would too. How to go about doing that I will have to find that out. Yeah and to be honest I would’ve overlooked the refraction part and my scene would not look as good so I’m glad you mentioned it.