How to implement a low poly lighting/shading system?

Hi all!

I’m just popping in to ask if anyone has any advise for setting up a low poly, old school shading system? Something that captures the lower-quality lighting of the N64 and PS1. I’ve tried searching around the forums and AnswerHub and I’ve yet to find any promising leads. Hopefully someone out there has had success? Or if there’s a plugin available, I’d love to check that out.

Any help is appreciated!

There’s always the Unreal 1 engine.

Be sure to ask this guy:…-shader-effect…&v=OIkm2pW_QcE

Also, if you want to have the textures be “PS1-styled” as well you have set the texture filter to “Nearest neighbor” and make sure they’re very low resolution.

Thank you, but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for. The game I’m designing still requires all the improvements and conveniences of UE4. It’s just the old school shading I’m trying to work out.

This is a great place to start, thank you.

Any more suggestions are still welcome too!

For starters, I would change all materials’ shading model to unlit and rely entirely on custom per vertex calculations and painted vertex colors for lighting, like it was done back in the day. To make things manageable, make a “base” material and use instances to change textures and other parameters.

I really should’ve thought of this, it’s so simple! Thank you very much.