How to i make teh material size bigger?

I need to make the material size larger but I don’t seem to know how, any advice?

You could make use of the TexCoord and multiply it by a scalar parameter.
That way you can create and apply a material instance and scale the texture there.

how do you get the ‘tex size’ node?

Either by holding the U key while clicking into the graph or by searching for it:

i mean the Tex Size node, typing it in wont make a result

The Text Size node is just a Scalar Parameter which has been called Tex Size.

You could also just modify the values within TexCoord (click on it and change the U and V values to a smaller number, like 0.25 for example).

Ahh, I misread what node you meant, my apologies. Phil is right of course.

Imagine a tiled floor:
If you want more tiles on the floor, you need to make them smaller.

So by increasing the multiplier (making more tiles), your texture becomes smaller and is repeated more often across the UV space.

If you divide, you get a smaller number of tiles, ergo the tiles appear larger to fill the same space.

You can copy and paste the nodes from here:

You could also switch out the “multiply” node for a “divide” node or enter the value manually for U and V inside the TexCoord node like phil said.

thank you