How to hide the sun or how to blur the sun, and how to show lens flare


I’m trying to hide the sun or maybe better blur the obvious edge of the sun. Is there any way to do that? There would be a simple solution for that, I couldn’t find any online.

Also, I’m trying to get subtle lens flare with PostProcessVolume, even tried the camera’s lens flare but didn’t see any.

Camera BokehDOF doesn’t show its effect even I clicked the camera icon in Matinee(turns yellow). Do all of those things have anything to do with DiretX11? My card is pretty old and doesn’t support DX11.

Please help.

To disable the sun, u can select BP Sky Sphere and set “Sun Brightness” option to 0.

What about Lenzes… Go to Project Settings > Rendering and make sure that LenzeFlare option is on, also check ur Scalability settings, because Quality of Post Effects must be High or Epic

Thank you for your reply. I got that Sun Brightness, that’s easy one!

The Lens Flares(Image based) option is already checked on and I tried different values for those Lens Flares properties in PostProcessVolume. I even set the Sun Brightness value to 300 but don’t see any lens flares. What values are ideal for Scalability settings? You are talking about the Intesity, BokehSize, Threshold, etc, right?

No, I’m talking about these settings:


But If u turn sun to 0, so you wont see Lenzes anyway because there will be no sun. But u will see them from reflections or other light sources.

Ahh, Oooh, I didn’t realize those Quality settings. Now they are all set to Epic and I see lens flares and Bokeh at first time since I started UE4. Is there any quality difference between PostProcessVolume’s lens flare and camera’s one?

You saved my day, thank you again.