How to have videos in application without exceeding obb/apk size limit?

Hi, I’m making an app that contains some hefty 4K videos. They are obviously too big to be stored in the apk/obb files so I need to store them somewhere else and get the MediaPlayer to find them there but I have no idea how. Is it even possible? It’s supposed to run on the PICO G2 4K VR headset that I know can show 4K videos but can it not show the videos in an app?

Please help and thanks.

You can use the integrated Media Player Framework for that.

Please check out this page in the documentation.

Thanks, that worked. But I’m still having some issues. The sample video works but when I try to use either Google Drive or Dropbox for my own files I get the error:
LogWmfMedia: Error: Failed to resolve URL Dropbox - Besøkssenteret_Proxy ( - Simplify your life Access is denied.

There’s a fantastic Live Training about that topic.
You can find the relevant part for your issue here.