How to have multiple lights in close proximity in Lumen?

Hey all! Perhaps the solution is obvious and that’s why I can’t find after googling. But how do you make a scene where there are multiple lights close to each other?

For instance, say I have small room with 6 lights in the ceiling. In UE4 I’d place static point lights and call it a day. In UE5 with Lumen, static points lights are not compatible and don’t work. If I put 6 stationary lights, there’d be an red X symbol next to some of the light indicating it’s too close in proximity. What am I supposed to use then?

Just use movable lights, stationary lights are intended to use with light maps/baked lighting.

That seems quite expensive though no? A fully furnished bedroom room would have at least a dozen, if not more lights. What do I use in that scenario?

With the currently early access builds you should either pick static lighting or pick lumen. They can’t be mixed and matched very well in its current state. You can make a room with a lot of lights work, but baked lighting is still better than lumen especially for interior scenes.

So how would you make a room with lots of lights work? Have them all be movable lights?

Yup. You might be able to use just the emissive material lighting for screens, lamps, or paper lanterns. But avoid trying that with small lights.

For lot of small lights lumen support emisive material