How to have a white circle on each vertex using materials?

Hi guys,
I want to have a white circle on each vertex of my mesh using material like the picture below:

Is there anyone how know how can I make this effect?

There’s a lot of ways it could be done. Particles or PCG could spawn small mesh instances on each vertex. Even a fancy material could create that look.

One way could be to use “surface embedded sprites” as described by the team that developed portal 2.

Skip to around page 71 of this paper to see how you could put a camera facing sprite on a texture - although this effect doesn’t work at very steep glancing angles, it is very cheap and easy since all it takes is a texture.

PCG would work well if you just wanted to spawn a bunch of instanced meshes statically, and it’s very easy to use. But it can be slow when making changes at runtime.

Niagara might be best if you need a totally dynamic system.