How to handle health in a multiplayer, archetype based game?

Hey all, relatively new and working my way through learning various bits of the engine. One of the problems I’ve come across is how to set up the blueprint architecture to achieve some goals:

  1. Each player having their own health value.

  2. Each player can choose a “class” at the start of the game. Each class has different values for health, different models/animations, abilities, etc. Players can choose the same class, which means an instance of each class needs to have separate health/variable values.

  3. Allowing me to draw that particular player’s health on the UI/HUD.

My question is essentially how do I go about storing health to achieve that? If I have for example 20 classes/archetypes, I surely cannot cast to and pull from those 20 archetypes to the HUD. Do I store health in a blueprint interface, and if so, how do I make each player have their own health value if the health value is stored in an interface? I’m at a loss here!

Thanks for reading.