How to go above 100% Resolution Scale and save to it to GameUserSettings

Hi all!

i’m trying to add a Resolution Scale Percentage slider inside my video settings menu

I see that console commands “r.ScreenPercentage” or “sg.ResolutionQuality” are usually suggested to achieve this but what i’m currently using are the functions “Get Resolution Scale Value Information” and “Set Resolution Scale Value” which are quite perfect for what i need besides that it seems impossible to change the “MaxScaleValue” above 100 or even change the “MinScaleValue” to higher values (like 70).
I’ve googled a lot but i was not able to find any information about this.

any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!


If you only need this for screen captures (like print screens), this functionality is already in place when you use HighResShot Multiplier, where Multiplier=2 would give you twice the resolution (e.g. ScreenPercentage 2). I am unsure if downscaling is supported naturally but if you really need this for a game, check how the screen captures dive into that (that is probably C++ though).