How to go about replicating masks in the master material outpost23 by epic

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I’m trying to replicate the master material used in outpost 23 in this tutorial : DDO Painter for UE4: Master Materials - YouTube .

I succeeded to replicate the entire tutorial and i fully understand unreal engine’s master material side of things ,except for the grime and scratches masks section in quixel about minute 7:00 until 8:50 of the tutorial ,i have no idea how to recreate those masks and the additional bump map . (i have used another mesh but with the same parts number and id map with red ,green, blue the same as tutorial ) .

the pictures attached shows my master material progress in material graph and the Graph Stats showing the Error in MatLayerBlend_AO node , i just need the grime and scratches masks so the graph is completed and fix the AO node Error .

Please help me complete this graph .

Thank you for your help and continuous support ,i wish you all the best.

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my master material graph .


THE MatLayerBlend_AO node Error with graph stats .

so interesting that no one responded to this! any updates? i’m on the same path :smiley:

I can’t see what’s inside those functions at the mo, but try hooking up a single channel from that AO texture, instead of the entire RGB.

Have you used DDO before? The mask is most likely just one of the smart masks generated from the baked/provided textures. There are numerous tutorials out there for DDO to get your workflow up to speed and quickly kick out things like that. For Outpost, they created a smart material that was applied to all of the assets so they all have the same paint, metal, etc., but still have their own unique scratches and wear from their unique normals, AO, curvature, etc. Super useful and quick for this.

For the AO node, like pje said, you’re connecting a vec3 to a scalar input. Connect one of the RGB channels instead of the white dot. The AO input of that function has a (S) beside it, which means it only accepts a single scalar value or channel.