How to give a collision to VR camera

I am developing a VR character which has a VR camera. I have open the “Lock to HMD” option in the camera options so that the camera could move with the player’s walk. I want the camera to has a collision so that the player could not walk through a wall. So, I want to add a collision to my character camera. While, if I give the collision to the capsule, the capsule will not move with the VR camera when playing game, if I give the collision as the camera’s child component, when hit event happen, the camera will not stop by its child component. So How can I Do?

I got the same issue, have you solve this problem?

In the viewport, just make an actor collision component that is a child to the camera.

I have the same problem, so I tried to put a sphere collision as a child to the camera, but the HMD can still go through walls.

Is it something along this you wanna do? HTC Vive - Roomscale moving and collision experiments - YouTube

Note, i haven’t figured out a way to stop the camera from passing through walls, but might have found a workable way of preventing too much of it. Stopping a camera from following the hmd position, might cause all kinds of simulation sickness, so maybe that*s why we can’t do it? Not entirely sure though.

I was recently working through this issue, I realized that you don’t actually want to move the camera itself (think about it, the player is in a certain spot within their physical square of playspace, you can’t just arbitrarily move the camera, it would totally throw off where they are in their playspace).

The solution is to move the DefaultSceneRoot/VROrigin inside MotionControllerPawn in worldspace.

Hey: Use post process effect fade to black on each wall