How to get World space Position with objects bounds?

Hey guys. I want to fade a texture from 0 to 1 on the whole object and therefore need to create a position by Bounding Box, that does not rotate with the object. Like this:


What I currently have works only in local space so rotations are a problem. Any help would be much appreciated.


What is this used for? There is likely a much easier way.

You could handle rotations with a dot product manually, but like Bits said. There may be easier solutions to this.

Hey guys, thanks for the replys I figured I am missing something too.
I want to dessolve the Material from top to bottom by just changing one scalar parameter. At 0 its not dissolved at all, at 1 its 100% dissolved. The Objects its used on will have all kind of rotations and scales so using local space is no option. Wile just by getting the position of the bounding box in world space it would be easy.

Objects would have to be carefully UV mapped for that to work in a material that way.

You need to use something that’s constant no matter what. WPS or maybe Object Radius

Just watch/follow with this, I’m sure it’ll give you better ideas.