How to get Vertices and corresponding to them UVs from a skeletalmesh?


I need to get a raw data from Skeletalmesh smth like UKismetProceduralMeshLibrary::GetSectionFromStaticMesh (that works only for static mesh as the name implies). I've found only FSkeletalMeshLODRenderData into the Skeletalmesh but there is no UVs not even vertices.

Thank you

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If anyone needs the answer. I’ve found the data into USkeletalMeshComponent.

`SkeletMesh->SkeletalMesh->GetResourceForRendering()-> LODRenderData[0].StaticVertexBuffers.PositionVertexBuffer.VertexPosition(i);`

You'll get an FVector for each vertex of SkeletalMesh

`SkeletMesh->SkeletalMesh->GetResourceForRendering()->LODRenderData[0].StaticVertexBuffers.StaticMeshVertexBuffer.GetVertexUV(i, 0);`

In second time. You'll get the UVs corresponding to every Vertex, where **i** is the unsigned integer from 0 to Vertex Count
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