How to get true pitch of a rotator?


I just discovered that in rotators, when the pitch (y) goes over 90 or under -90, roll (x) & yaw (z) are subtract by 180 and y goes the over way (the exact formula is y<0 ? (-90 + (-90 -y)) : (90 + (90 -x)))

It’s causing me troubles cause I want to clamp the rotations of some joints of my skeletal mesh (moved by Kinect), but the jump of 180 in x & z make it real buggy.

Thus I’m looking for a node, or a formula or anything to get the true value of a rotator (by true I mean values that goes 0-360 for each component)

I’ve been searching the most I could, but I didn’t find the answer, please help

Did you resolved the issue?

I’m not sure if this will work… but in your calculations and clamping… try not to break out the rotators into float values… clamp the rotators and do the calculations (with them instead… I’m fairly sure I read somewhere that Unreal has some internal setup that sometimes avoids that weird flipping that occurs

… try this:


… and well, not exactly sure why, the Yay in output, is the actual Pitch of the original input …