How to get the VRPawn to properly work from a copy or migration

I created a project using the VR template and customized the VR pawn by making the default class character class. I also adding simple locomotion to the character. Everything works fine, I can walk around in VR grabbing the blocks and can look with HMD and turn with the right motion controller stick using yaw. I have not customized any game modes or changed anything else but when I copy the character in a separate project or even the same project but different map when the level starts the character just hangs there, cant move and is separated from the motion controller hands. However, when I use the touch controllers (move and push the grip buttons) I can see the hands working. What am I missing?

I just created a game mode and set my VRPawn as the default pawn and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

The gamemode and default options, including the default pawn, are on a per-level basis. Your other projects and maps probably don’t have the VRPawn set as the default player pawn and thus the pawn is not being possessed by the player controller.

You can test this hypothesis by adding a simple key press event in your level blueprint triggering a Possess node, in which you provide a reference to the pawn on your level. Note that this should not be used as a permanent fix. Let me know if that works.

did this work? I have a similar issue moving a bp from FPS to VR