How to get the view-projection transformation matrix for the active level editor viewport?

Sorry for my poor English.

I found this code.
It gets a FSceneViewProjectionData from the ULocalPlayer, and it uses the FSceneViewProjectionData to calculate a view-projection transformation matrix.

However, I can not find any way to get a FSceneViewProjectionData for level editor viewport because I can not get a ULocalPlayer without starting game.

My questions are

  1. How to get a FSceneViewProjectionData for level editor viewport?
  2. How to get the active UCameraComponent of level editor viewport? (I can calculate FSceneViewProjectionData from FMinimalViewInfo of the camera)

Please help me, thank you.

Did you figure this out? I’m looking for the solution as well.

(Sorry for my poor English) Still no solution. I switched to use Unity Engine because its editor extensibility is likely better than Unreal Engine. Good luck!