How to Get the Screen Center in VR and put a HUD on ?

This not work correct in VR


How can I get Both eyes’s HUD in the Center ?
Change the ScreenX & ScreenY could not make the HUD move to the center too. I need a way to find out the Screen Center in VR.(or eye center for both eyes~)
I think the View Should BASE on Screen Center which is the Eye Center in the VR View. There is no Left-Top on VR world.

Any ideas ???

hello luoyeshu, don’t use the default cross hair cause it only works in 2D. All you need to do is create or import a geometry plane and look for your firstperson bp camera then attach your plane infront of that camera ( it’s up to you how far you want to adjust your plane in front of your camera ) . After you’ve done that, assign a cross hair texture alpha for your crosshair plane geo. Then fire it up-

Hi Seriffe , Thanks. You are right. And I find that default cross hair could works in 3D only need to change the distence in front of camera. Draw Texture must has a default distence Z, and it is very close to the camera (near 20-25), I tryed to put a staticMesh ball very close to the VR camera, the same thing happend to the ball. Change the distance of the ball (maybe 100) it will looks better. The ONLY question is I don’t know how to change the distance to camera when use Draw Texture in the HUD Blueprint.So your plan is good for me.