How to Get the position/location of VR helmet?


How in Blueprint - to Get the position/location of VR helmet?

Add a camera to your pawn. In the blueprint editor, with the camera selected, look at the options along the right, there is one called “Lock to HMD”. This should be ticked. The relative location and rotation of the camera component indicate the location and position of the VR helmet, relative to the center of the floor of your playspace (Vive). The center point may be different for oculus.

Thank you.

Tell me please:

I am trying to get a hand coordinates controllers using command “Get Hand Position and Orientation”, but UE4 gives only: 00000.

Why ?? It UE4 any typing errors?

it’s my fault, it works, but!

I tried to make a line of Trace from start coordinat controller with command “Line by trace channel”, but start of the line and position of the controller for some reason do not match :frowning:

Why ?

No idea. I have added a Motion Controller to my blueprint, and use GetRelativeLocation and GetRelativeRotation.

Let one more question:

To determine the coordinates of HMD I used three functions:

-Get Orientation and position
-Get Tracked device position and orientation
-GetWorldLocation (Target camera)

Two functions were given the same coordinates, but GetVorldLokation issued by another Y axis.