how to get the painted mask / splatmap in landscape blend node for use in material editor

I am interested in getting the actual painted (splat) map of a layer in landscapes.
I assume, the painted stuff is somehow stored as data (black white mask?) in the landscape. I would like to output that and feed it into other nodes in the material editor and go nuts with it.
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I’m not sure if it’s possible to access or export the actual painted splat maps :stuck_out_tongue: I’m assuming a layer blend node is not enough to do what you want?
Usually you would create a splat map texture in world machine.

Right mouse button over the layer


Wel hm…let me explain what i try to do:
I have a layer of sand (layer 1)
Layer of pebbles (nr 2)
Layer 3 with larger rocks.

Now…i want to to paint the entite landscape with sand, then on footers of hills i want to draw some pebbles, more intens at corners like ambient occlusion.

Now, the difficult part:
I want to paint an area with layer 3. Larger rocks. But the gape between those rocks should stil covered by the mixture of layer 1 and 2.
I an aware of the heightmap blendings in those landscape layer nodes. But it feels like i cannot control those in the way i want.
So what would be the best setup to make this mix of layers and still having the larger rocks really popping out of the mixture of layer 1 and 2.
Hope this makes sense! :slight_smile:

Ah, didnt see this one while writing an answer. So i can export those to file, but is there a way to acces these maps directly in the material editor? Such as vertex coloring?

Oh nice :slight_smile: I never had to use that before… might come in handy.

I guess it’s not possible to directly access those from material? if not then that feature should be added in future versions :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I found a solution…
I just use the layer weight node, connect a white color to B and leave A black. Also, I picked up non weight layer info as choice.
Now I have black white mask of what I am painting and can continue plugging this mask into whatever I like. Also the non weight info layer gives me the freedom to have layers with zero and grey values. Perfect for creating advanced height blends.

If it is good in terms of performance and logic, I don’t know. But this way I can control and mix whatever I want.
Regards! T

Can you go into more detail on how you got this working?

Heey there…
actually, that solution is already obsolute…yu can just use a ‘sample’ node from the material lib and connect it to whatever you want.
As an example…create a lerp node…two colors nodes, connect them to A and B and make red and blue. Then connect the sample node to alpha of the lerp node and give it a proper layername.
Whenever you see the new layer in the landscape paint section make sure to create a non weight layerinfo.
Compile and start painting on the landscape. Done. :slight_smile: