How to get the Editor to remember my Output Log Filter?

There are maybe 6-7 different logs I’d like to see in the Output Log by default.

How can I get the Editor to remember which ones I care about?

Currently I have to click 10+ times to configure the filter every time the Editor starts. That means every C++ recompile, tons of redundant clicking.

There must be an easier way, right? Please let me know if you know! :smile: :+1: :sunglasses:

This is semi-related to this question from @anonymous_user_5cd89dff1 that unfortunately never got answered.


It’s unforgivable that Epic has not addressed this feature yet lmao.

I also have to click so many times on every engine restart, super unproductive.

Isn’t there even a manual way to set this? Maybe with a config file?

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My only guess is that nobody actually uses the Editor’s output log.

Honestly it’s not a very good log viewer, it’s basically just a text scroll box.

I’m guessing there is some 3rd party log viewer that people actually use, but I’m not sure what. Maybe ELK?