How to get the current player level while using World Composition?

Hi, I’m using World Composition in a dedicated server setup. My world is made of sublevels. The main level is called “Yliakum”, and sublevels are named like: “Yliakum_X01_Y01”, “Yliakum_X01_Y02”, …

I need to know in which of the sublevels my player currently is.

Using this code, unfortunately I get the top level (persistent level) and not the current sublevel

FString MapPackageLongName = GetWorld()->GetCurrentLevel()->GetOutermost()->GetName();

The print out says just “Yliakum”.

Screenshot attached shows the setup.

To explain why I need it, I want to trigger different weather based on the level the player is in. Getting the current player level I can then render around the player rain or snow particles.

If your maps are assembled in a grid like fashion why not just use the X/Y coordinates of the player to figure it out? Other than that It may be difficult to get what level they are in, you could possible get the level from the object they are currently standing on.

Hi, Did you found something usefull about this?

I want to know too. Do you have a answer?