How to get swimming in water work?

Hello All, I am trying to make a pool that my character can swim in for my level. I have followed every tutorial I can find and I have been trying to get the following to work: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums Everything is ok except for the fact that:

  1. The Bloom in the Post-Process Volume has not visible effect.
  2. The Key Mapping in the BluePrint section also does not seem to effect the 3rdPerson Character.

They simply fall to the bottom of the volumes and can only run around. Nothing I seem to do makes any difference. I have gone over this multiple times and checked everything.

Any help or a more updated tutorial would be a blessing. Thank you.

Did you find solution to this? I am having the same issue character just walks along the bottom no swimming.