How to get Steam working with an Unreal Engine C++ Shipping Build

So to give a bit of context, I’ve been trying for a solid 3-4 days now on trying to get the steam overlay to show up on the packaged build of my game but it wont show up? I’ve tried following

Unreal Engines Docs on the Steam Online Subsystem but no luck, in fact doing that method caused more problems than fixed, I’ve tried multiple YouTube videos and still no luck at all, everything I find is either outdated or doesn’t work for some odd reason and I can’t figure out why.

I can get the overlay to work just fine when launching the game from the engine as a standalone game, but as soon as I package it and play it, no luck. I keep reading about making sure you have your steam_appid.txt file in the root, but even after I do that and STILL no luck. I feel so braindead rn.

So I’m asking for some assistance or a tutorial of some kind for a clear and concise way to package a UE5 C++ project and have the steam overlay work along with it. or at least if someone could link me to a tutorial I somehow haven’t found.

It won’t. It will show if you launch it through Steam.
If it shows and works in Development, it will work through Steam in Shipping. Standalone Shipping won’t connect to Steam.
Test it in Development, and if everything works (achievements etc.), you’re fine. When you upload the Shipping build to Steam, everything will work.


Ahh Thanks, I wish I was told that somehow lol.