How to get Sketchy shadows effect like pencil shading

Hi forum,

I’m quite new to unreal and trying to build an environment, which looks like a very simple pen and paper Sketch on a Notebook. I used the outline effect of the stylized demo which worked quite nice (New Release: Stylized Demo - Unreal Engine).

Now I wondered if it is possible to change the shadows into something like a single hatched texture, which I normaly use for shadows when I draw on paper. I photshoped a screenshot so that you know what I have in mind.

Perhaps someone has an idea and can point me in the right direction.

Thanks a lot!

It’s possible to do this in a post process but it will not look perfect since the space between those hatched lines will not have the same brightness as if unshadowed. This might get you started:

If you are going for a fully stylized environment anyway your best bet is to do all lighting manually in it’s own post process, including the hatched shadows.
I just made a similar effect some days ago but with multiple hatched textures,

nice, that helps a lot!

This is what I looking for.
Thanks a lot for Q&A