How to get Roll at spline point using local t param at segment of spline?

Hello there. Here is a deal. I have spline with n segments. Blueprint function “Get roll at time along spline” setting “t” parameter from 0 to 1 along all spline and returning roll at point. I need to get roll using local t parametr on segments. For example: ‘t’ will change from 0 to 1 not along spline. It will changing from 0 to 1 at spline segment. How to do this?

I’ve figured out something, check this:

If you want to get spline Roll at 0.5 (or any other from [0.0-1.0] range) time between spline points, let’s name them point A and point B, then:

  1. Get distance of point A and point B and save the values in A_Distance and B_Distance variables
  2. Create a Get Roll at Distance Along Spline node for your spline
  3. In the ‘Distance’ node input plug in a Lerp node
  4. In Lerp node, into ‘A’ input plug in your A_Distance variable and into ‘B’ input plug in your B_Distance variable. Into ‘Alpha’ input plug in your desired time, from 0.0 to 1.0.

This way you will get a roll at time between two specified spline points.

Thank you very much:) It works perfect!