How to get rid of unused params in RenderGraph passes

I have some RenderGraph passes that are executed each frame and have a bunch of resources as parameters. Depending on some conditions, some of the resources are not used in the later passes. I thought that RDG builder will automatically get rid of unused resources, but I get numerous warnings about unused resources after enabling the RDG debug layer (r.RDG.Debug=2 in ConsoleVariables.ini). The warnings look like this

LogRDG: Warning: '13' of the '13' resources of the pass 'PASS_NAME' were not actually used.

On setting the culprit resources to nullptr, I don’t get these warnings. But this way I have to do manual book-keeping for figuring out unused resources. Is there a way for RDG builder to automatically figure out unused resources or is this something I have to do maually?