how to get rid of these shadows?

How do i get rid of these shadows?


With proper/higher resolution lightmaps?

How do I do that?

Hopefully just by clicking your mesh and set the lightmap resolution from 64 to something higher! :wink:

Thanks for that!

the light map resolution is 32, I tried 64, but it keeps reseting to 0, what am I doing wrong, more importantly how do I fix this?

Look what google gave me after typing “lightmap resolution”:

unfortunately it doesnt work, it keeps resetting, this is my problem, additionally bsp lightmaps work oppositely.

Thanks for the extra information! :wink:
What I don’t understand is that if it would be 0 than you wouldn’t have any lighting information… it’s 64 by default (not a bsp)!!
So you click your mesh… in Detail panel under Lighting you put a check mark beside Overridden Light Map Res and put your number regarding if it’s a bsp or an imported mesh?

No it is bsp in my case at least, Details >> Surface Geometry >> Lighting: >> Lightmap resolution for some reason has now set itself to 32 and cant be changed!

This is weird!

So it’s not 0 but 32?! :S
Sorry man I can’t help!! :S

No this is it it was 0 and it wasn’t budging from it, but now it’s 32!

Try “Overridden Light Map Res” from the details panel to the right of the UI, it’s under “lighting”