How to get rid of specular reflections in open areas

Hi everyone,

Please take a look at THIS thread which I have posted on Answerhub a couple of days ago. I want to get rid of dynamic directional light specular spot which remains on the surface without need to re-bake lighting. My point is clearly explained in the thread.


After some trial and error, I found that updating sphere reflections don’t take effect unless the sky material is updated first. Updating a sphere reflection fixes the wrong specular reflection but the problem is sphere reflections can’t be updated dynamically since they are static at run time. Now if I remove all the reflection captures, updating sky material alone doesn’t fix it. Any idea?!

If I remember correctly, the sky sphere has the sun disk built into the material, so you can’t disable the reflection capture of just the disk. BUT, you could remove the disk from the material and make it a separate object(alpha tested plane) and disable reflection capture on the sun disc card. You’d have to set up the positioning if you have a rotating sun, but it’s not too difficult.

You could also use Atmospheric Fog for your sun disc, which I think isn’t picked up by reflection captures… Might have to test that one though. It’s been awhile since I used Atmospheric Fog.

So it seems I should dig into sky sphere material. I remember I did it once a couple of months ago. If this is the only way to have a dynamic directional light, it’s a little weird why the staff members did not consider it. Thanks anyway.


You can have a dynamic directional light. It’s completely separate from the sky sphere, except for certain material effects based on the position of the sun in the sky. You could have no sky whatsoever :smiley: But if you want something simple, I suggest the Atmospheric Fog.