How to get rid of material seams on modular pieces?

Hello guys,

Simple question which probably require a complicated answer, but I hope not! Ahah! Im trying to make modular road pieces, but my problem is that the tillable asphalt material I made doesn’t blend in correctly. The material is tilable, my problem is really with the object limits(seams?) when its connected with another one.

Feel free to ask if my explanation is not clear enough.

Thank you.

Hi IronTarkus,

The seam issue you’re seeing is because the UVs do not tile properly. The variations in the texture and normal map make this much more noticeable.

You can correct the UV or look at using a World Aligned texture.


That world aligned feature is awesome, but it seems I can’t plug my texture into it… its a pgn if that makes any difference.

Yes, world aligned texture solved it, and I fugured out that the “texture” need to be a “texture object” and not a “texture sample”. Thank you. Still Im curious as to what a proper UV would look like for things such as roads.