How to get rid of alpha map being displayed as grayish black area?

Hello there,
recently I wanted to create a greenscreen video together with unreal engine 5.
For me it was easier to chroma key in da vinci resolve, then export a transparent png img sequence and add this image sequence as img-media-source into unreal engine 5. After that I created the media texture and based on that the material.
My problem is, that unreal engine 5 does not recognize the alpha channel in scene. When I click the texture the background is grayed out and checkered. So there it recognizes the alpha channel. How ever I have no idea how to get rid of it in scene. Because in scene it is displayed as a black box around my image.


Just responding that I have the same issue. In my past version of Unreal Engine, 5.0.3 when I imported image sequences the black box around the image would disappear when I set the blend mode to masked, but now it does not get removed and it stays there. What’s going on?