How to get retargeter to stop mangling fingers

This is getting beyond frustrating for me so looking for some tips.

I’m trying to retarget a UE skeleton to a Mixamo animation.

There is no rhyme or reason but while editing the pose in the IK retargeter if I move the arm chain at all, sometimes its fine… and sometimes it just mangles the fingers.


What can I do to stop this? I’m not touching the finger bones at all and it goes from being ok to looking like someone took a hammer to her hands if I raise an arm at the upper or lower arm bone.

can you show how the origin and target character are set up side by side? you need to match the skeleton position as close as possible and have the target and source bones option set correctly

It was a Mixamo source to UE5 target.

To get around it I had about a dozen go’s and found a video where to get the A pose of the mannequin to the mixamo T pose it was basically raise the arms up 60 degrees, and then move the lower arms back 10 degrees.

Doing that the animations were close. Not perfect but close enough that in the animations themselves I just tweaked them a little more and rekeyed and got through it.

Retargeting is still quite painful in some cases. The fingers being all mangled still confuses me but I suppose its about persevering through the repose over and over until it works.

The end result:

I see that the fingers are not in the same position as the source. you need to create a pose for the character that matches the source pose.

also have the source and target bones matched in the bones list (don’t know how is called)

you can move the target mesh to be in the same position as the source to closely try to match the target pose

Hey @Auticus.Daerk!

This poster also had a problem with this, and they posted a link to a video to fix the fingers in the top post! Take care, it’s the second video in the series and there is a link to that first vid in the description.

I found a fix for mine. It was two problems:

  1. As another poster mentioned, you have to have your character pose exactly match your mocap pose. The offsets between source and target poses are really strong. If your mocap has a stick-straight neck and your target has a natural neck, the naturalistic mocap will be additive to the character, pushing their neck further forward than you want. Same thing with the fingers-- stick straight mocap needs stick straight character.

  2. I had my finger chains defined as just the three finger joints and the metacarpals were left out. I needed to also go into the IK Rig, search for “meta” in the tree and right-click Remove. This stops the retargeter from putting wacky rots on the metas and leaves them in the offset aquired from the pose, as described above.

Specifically for fingers, here is the best method I found:

If you look at the Mixamo Xbot skeleton fingers, you see this:

So in reality, don’t try to match the fingers up visually, but instead use the bone view to get all finger rotation completely straight even if it looks distorted in the pose view. This monstrosity:

Somehow gave me the best results.

Try to find an animations that best shows off the mangled parts of the hand, look at the bone rotations and try to offset accordingly.

I was talking absolute nonsense.

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