How to get realistic lighting in outdoor scene


I need some help setting up better realistic lighting in an outdoor scene. I’m trying to get it as close to photorealistic as possible, but I don’t know much about lighting. Right now I just have a directional light and DFAO enabled. I’m not sure where focus on next.


Do you have a post process volume on the scene as well?

Yes I do but it is not doing much other than setting the auto exposure. What values should i be focusing on with the PPV?

AO is a big one. Set your intensity to 1, Quality to 100, Fade out Distance to maximum. Check “Generate Distance Field as if TwoSided” on your foliage meshes and their LODs. This will leave fewer artifacts in DFAO generated on your meshes. Increase your normal map strength on grasses/leaves a lot! This will make your flat planes look directional. Plug the normal map to the A pin of a Multiply node, plug a 3Vector into the B pin, set the 3Vector values to 1,1,0.2 and that should do it. Include a Height fog and Atmospheric fog volume as well.

Thank you, I’ll try your suggestions as soon as I get home from work.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The only other really is increase the resolution of the screenshots, and if so do the same with the textures. If it will be a static scene, go 8k with textures, why not. When doing the high res screenshot in ue4, slide the value to around 4 or 5, itll give a 4k to 5k screen of what your looking at as well, which makes everything look better by default.