How to get player index?


I already saw some answers to this question, but actually they are not answering :frowning:

The question is: Why this node is allways returning “-1” even if I am in a single or multiplayer, in the server or in any client?


I saw some answers that says that a Index should be managed by me, but for me that doesn’t have sense, because if I ask for zero, Unreal knows it’s my user, and if i’m in client 1, Unreal knows that the index is 1… so… where it’s saved this value???

Hope somebody knows.


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I just learned that Index is not meant for multiplayer.

You use index when more than 1 player is inside same game instance, like those car games with splitted screen.

So nevermind, in regular games, index should be always zero.

Thank you for coming back to answer this 2 years later