How to get player ID/Index number

I’m looking for a simple way to taking the output of a line trace and finding the hit actor’s player ID number to reference when using the get player character or get player pawn nodes. I need to perform a server-side action on the specific character hit by that line trace.

My current method is the equivalent of using duct tape on a leaking boat, but it’s getting the job done (including this in screenshot in case someone needs results quick and dirty).

UE4 don’t really relay on those IDs, instead it using references and from pawn you can get controller possesing the pawn and from there you can access any aspect of player and this is what you should do too. In order to use IDs you need to set them first with this node:

I tried this approach, but I presume it just wasn’t supposed to work after a few failures, until I read what you said and it clicked. Sometimes that’s what it takes; thanks!