How to get planar reflections working?

Hi, I downloaded the new update and I’m trying to get planar reflections working. I have a material with full reflectivity and Planar Reflections enabled under Mobile, and I’ve turned on the global clip plane for Planar Reflections, but I’m still only getting reflections of what’s on my screen, and the object goes black if it’s the only thing on screen. Does anyone else know how to get them working? Thanks

That is the problem ( very similar if not the same ) I am having after updating from preview 4 , it was fine in there , but in the newer versions the planar reflections are pretty much there except it looks broken and makes the object look pretty dark , posted it on facebook as well , but I don’t think anyone will help since it’s a new feature and there is no documentation , still it seems to be easy to use feature and doing nothing wrong , just the update broke it for me .

Did you put a planar reflection actor in your world? Try adding one of those and see if that helps out. If that does not fix your issue then have a look at the official doc linked below.

You can find the reflection items towards the bottom of the page. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Will post it here to let other people know , my issue was caused by having the material two-sided which somehow makes the planar reflections freak out ( makes sense actually ) , hope it helps someone in the future .