How to get openLevel progress?

I’m Korean. So I can’t speak English well. Sorry.

I make LoadingScreen, using Slate.

It works well.

But I coun’t get OpenLevel Progress.

SAssignNew(m_pProgressBar, SProgressBar)

I want to update m_fProgressGauge. ( 0.f ~ 1.f)

How to get OpenLevel progress gauge?

please… help me.

By diving in it seems you need to create a FFeedbackContext output device (i think you can treats it like interface, just add as 2nd inherence to your loading screen class):

And i think you attach output device to log system by this:

GLog->AddOutputDevice(Your loading screen object here);

Engine should send via your output device any processes that it tracks using FSlowTask and FScopedSlowTask, you need to figure out if engine outputs anything during map loading, i think it should. If not then you would need to modify engine to implement this

You want to use GetAsyncLoadPercentage for the currently loading map and feed it into ProgressGauge,

Example here, UE4 Loading Screen with Progress · GitHub