How to get Niagara Sprite particles to change color after they collide with a mesh?

I am trying to make particles collide with a mesh, wrap around it and change color/material.

I’ve got the collision working and created a blueprint to make a dynamic material instance using the the Niagara System as the target. Then I added a collision event “Add On Component Hit”. And then plugging that and the Dynamic Material into a “Set Vector Parameter Value” and adding “Make Color” into that value.

I’ve been noodling with this all day and can’t figure it out or find any resources. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi Fligglewiggle,

Take a look at the ‘Niagara_Particles’ map in the Content Examples sample project.

Display 2.6 has orbs that change color when colliding with the ground.


Hi, just wondering if you ever solved this and would like to share how you did it. Thanks!