How to get modulate shadows to work with decals?


I’m looking for a way to fake a shadow on an unlit object, I thought I would be able to use decals to do this with modulate (which says is a multiply blend mode) but it wont let me.

Any other way to do this?

I don’t want to use a plane mesh and fake it that way I need to be able to project it so it works on uneven terrain.

Any thoughts?


  • This is probably my 5th post about faking shadows and lights in Unreal which have gone entirely unanswered, it’s like a no go to subject or no go zone in this software? Or maybe because I keep mentioning that I could easily do this in Unity : ).

Anyway I just hope this area is discussed more often, PBR is not always an option and UE doesn’t seem to like it when you go out of this area, which is too bad because in the real world game development is about cheating, we need to cheat sometimes to achieve good results as well as frame rates, having these options within easy reach is very important.