how to get materials like this

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out how to go about this the most efficient way. I have recently started working with substance painter and I am really enjoying it.
Typically my workflow is 3ds max to UE4. Now I am adding substance painter into the mix.

Typically my models are one mesh ( based on the object that I am making ) and multiple materials. See the sample below. My question is how do I get a single mesh with a single material like the other example below. This mesh ( ash tray ) shows 3 different textures but all in one material?

What is the workflow for that?


That ash tray will be using multiple textures (diffuse, metallic, roughness, etc.) but will fitting the three different parts of it (cigarette, ash, ash tray) on to the same set of textures. It’s a question of efficient UV layout.

Thanks for the response.OK so I understand that…One mesh with the one UV layout for the 3 different pieces that make up the mesh. ie cigarette,ash and ash tray. So whats the proper way to setup the mesh for Substance Painter to have one diffuse, metallic, rough etc etc. If I assign color ID’s to the mesh inside max ( cig = red , ash = blue , tray = green ) then export the mesh, inside substance I will get 3 different individual materials.

Do I need to make a separate mesh with IDs on it and import that into Substance P to use as a mask?