How to get HTC Controller working in the VR template?

Hello .I am using the 4.19 VR template. Headset works great. But my HTC Vive controllers are not working.
I found in Content/VirtualRealityBP/Blueprints the file motionControllerPawn
this would seem to be the file that controls the controllers but i am not sure what i have to do.
The controllers work fine in Steam and also in the ue4 Edit in VR mode but not in the experience i have created which has been setup for controller interactivity.
In my plugins i noted that Steam Controller Plugin was not enabled. Turning it on made no difference.

Vive controllers work fine on 4.19. Maybe sometimes if you turn on your controllers after opening you project, yo wont see your controllers when hitting VR Preview play.
try to close/open your editor again and remember to have your controllers on while opening editor again. Hope it helps