how to get good performance?

another christmas - question from me:

what do you think is the range of good values (pc and online-browser) for



thanks for an answer :slight_smile:

What is far more important to know is what is your target platform and minimum hardware specs that you are targeting.

hi Xenogenik,

i am not shure in this moment…
i have several ideas for publishing my game on different platforms (pc and browser),
but i have my map design in mind, which will depend on the performance.
i try to establish my scene and after all, i will see for what platform it fits best.

generally i want to produce minimaly for an normal “shop-pc”.

it would be nice to have a range of numbers (from - up to),
so i could tweak my lightmaps etc on base of this numbers.

you know, i had a first try for my level, but after building the lightmaps, the game went real "stucking
(first person-player).