How to get GDC 2017 Unreal Real styled Ocean Beach/Waves?

The recent GDC Unreal real, and a VR developer showcase discussed new features for VR editing for Unreal Editor (4.16 i think).

Though, i was immediately interested how to replicate the Ocean beach /waves/water which can be seen in the content used

Watch it here briefly at the 1:29 mark

Any hints to get such water/beach?

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Proper Shoreline Material (Help needed badly)

Simulate fluids on Maya, cache the simulation, convert cache to geometry, apply geometry as blend shapes;
Then animate morph target values in UE4.

I see a golden opportunity for a new marketplace contribution

Hopefully they release that map as a content example for 4.16.

Maya Fluid Effects are available only on the most expensive version of the software (they used to call it Maya Ultimate, but dropped the cliche word); if you use Maya LT than nope, not possible.

Maybe these formulas are related
Tried to contact the author but no reply yet.

Yeah, so what does this mean, can’t you use those content creation in Unreal packs, or do you suggest that only a select few have access to that kind of software?

It’s possible to bake fluid effects from Houdini too; Houdini is cheaper than Maya.

Yeah, maybe they have done it this way as well. sounds a lot more complicated though.

Isn’t it using Bïfrost ? It’s in embed for free in Maya 2017

I used to play with it a bit, but you need a monster PC with 32+Gb Ram to use it properly.

Have you looked into Materials and applying Tessellation to a plane?.

Yes I would need such waves as well. I have some blender wave animations as morph target but I’m not very happy.

A little off-topic perhaps but what about the real time flow map painting that they showed on GDC, when will that go live? Or has it perhaps already? The demo where the direction of the mouse got painted.

It likely is a shader using a moving 3d world offset position and tessellation to get the main wave shapes. The tube portion might be something else, can’t quite get a good look in that short of time.

Just throwing this here, it does not have the big waves you are after, but the Suntemple demo has some water breaking on a beach, might be of help.

Thanks for the suggestion but Suntemple uses shoreline shaped meshes for the effect, not really feasible for my needs (huge island). And this effect looks best from your perspective.

Yes, the sand too is gorgeous.

I do not think it will be a content example map. It is meant to be an actual game but who knows if that will ever happen at this point.

There is no external software used for the water. It is all just a static mesh with a vertex shader. It is based on gerstner waves with some custom work for the curling waves.

We did add a string of particle systems for the actual surfing part on the keynote stage, and those were flipbooks rendered out of maya but that was a pretty self contained effect. The plan is to analytically place them without particle systems though since particle systems did not work so well for this.

Ryan has spoken :rolleyes:

check marketplace new asset water with beach just popped up