How to get eyes' position

I am working with Oculus CV1 and have two quesitons:

  1. Is it possible to get two separate camera positions (left eye, right eye) ?
  2. Is the HMD camera position located in the center of two eyes’ position
    ex, hmd caram pos = (left eye pos+right eye pos)/2 . It is corrent?

I would like to get two eyes’ position to do some calculations. I do appreciate if anyone could help or give some advice.

Thank you!!

I’d also like to know this. I need a screen mask that renders per eye, so I need to know how offset the eyes are from the cameras location

In case anyone stumbles across this post, in 4.21 you can do:

GEngine->StereoRenderingDevice->CalculateStereoViewOffset(eSSP_LEFT_EYE, cameraRotation, worldToMetres, cameraLocation)

to get left and right eye positions from a given camera position and orientation.