How to get bounce vector math to work with trace in BP

Hi, at the moment i’m traceing out from my player and on hit i’m traceing out again. id like to reflect the second vector as if it where a bounce. iv been looking at this:
i guess i should be makeing a dot product of the hit normal and the forward vector of the player but im a little confused as what to do next. any help would be fantastic im very new to vector math and BP.
here is what i have so far (my second trace just goes out on the hit normal)

You have the correct link there, you just need to implement the steps described. I can prepare a screenshot of the nodes when I have the chance.

thanks that would be fantastic. i’m sure its something simple I’m doing wrong. potential miss reading the formula … math lessons in school are a distance memory for this artist haha.

if anyone else has an insight into this id be very great full.

Hi r8ivy,

Take a look at the solution I provided here.