how to get an texture darker in the material?!


i foolowed (oops… thats nice… a litlle bit “freud”) this tutorial
and i applied my new material to my landscape…
this worked so far.

but now my new material is much to bright in realtion to my scene
and i tried to make i t darker.

so i duplicated my diffuse base texture and tweaked it:

  • i tweaked my brightness curve up to 4.0
  • i tweaked my saturation up to 2.0

but there is no good result for me…

what can i do, to get my texture / material darker?

thanks for an answer again :wink:


-either you do it in the texture editor
-or in the material you could add a mulitply node - connect the texture and a constant vector to it - with the constant vector you can make it darker :slight_smile:

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hi fighter :slight_smile:


what the XXXX i´ve done wrong?
i´m just a noob :-))

Use a constant vector (so just the constant, not constant2vector) :slight_smile:

yeah… thats it :slight_smile:

(the second beer is going into “the south”)

Beer accepted -> tastes good! :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice! We need more of these straightforward answers than 20 mins tutorials in the same topic. Thanks!