How to get an actor collision event with GPU NIAGARA particles?

I’m using Niagara Fluid plugin.
It looks like collision events for GPU simulated Niagara particles are unavailable at the time, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a collision event from a standart blueprint actor. I want to get at least some output when an actor with box collision collides with the niagara particles. Just anything. Please, I need this for my uni project and it’s quite a rush.

Niagara particles are for cosmetic purposes only, so you won’t get collision events from them.

If you want to hack it together you can use the Export data interface to export particle data to blueprint on collisions and then redo the trace in blueprint. You can take a look at the advanced content examples to see how to export data to blueprint.

Thank you!!! I’ll try working with data export.

did you ever figure this out?

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