How to get AI to jump through windows when the player is in the building?

Currently I am building a multiplayer zombie game.

The AI for the zombies are pretty basic. Right now they simply chase the closest player, and can break down doors in their way.

I have another mechanic where players can jump through windows. The plan is to have zombies be able to climb through windows as well. I have put in a nav link proxy by each window, and the zombies correctly go to each nav link when they’re supposed to - however, I have no idea what to include to let the zombies pass through the window or wall and stay inside while the player is inside.

At first I tried to transport the zombie via a trigger near the nav link, however, when the player ran around inside the house, the zombies would (of course) transport in and outside of the house whenever they ran near the trigger.

Does anyone have any idea - from a step by step or just a suggestion of how I can accomplish my desired effect?

I want to have the zombie AI:

  1. Be able to climb inside the house when the player is inside
  2. Stay inside the house until the player leaves.
  3. Be able to climb out the windows to chase the player when they leave the house.

Please - I really hope someone can help me!

Hi did you ever find a solution to this? I’m currently working on a zombie game as well and I’m just starting my window logic for the player and zombie. Are you using a trigger box that uses an anim montage to have the player jump through the window?

I see what you’re saying about using nav link proxies up next to the windows for ai to jump through. Just wondering if you were able to setup the logic for this so that they naviage to those when they see the player and dont just tp inside whenever they accidently walk near a window and into the navlinkproxy.